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                       Every Monday a NEW episode is comin' atcha! Be sure to subscribe!

                       Every Monday a NEW episode is comin' atcha! Be sure to subscribe!

Hello, World!

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A trip to the dog park is always a special treat for the pups. There are new dogs to pal around with, and new asses to smell. Unfortunately, the owners have to come with the dogs, and while most dog people are awesome some are assholes.
If you play in a band it's a sure bet you'll have your share of bad gigs. Sometimes it's your own fault, but other times the surronding circumstances are beyond your control. When these gigs happen you have to take into account the 'little things' that make it worth while including chance encounters with strange, bearded men in a bathroom.
Hi everyone! Today i got really high, and thought back to the first time i took part in the ganja. What a time it was, and what a path it has aent me down to this day. Like it or not, it only feels like the first time the first time.
Hurrucane Harvey hit Houston two weeks ago, and it's impossible not to know someone affect. This week I keep the story topical telling of how I myself weathered the storm as well as other experiences during the storm. Houston Strong!
Everyone has a person in their liife who has the right advice you should always take, but you most of the time don't. That person for me is my good friend Nick P. In this story I examine the importance of some advice he gave to me, and how badly I wish I would have taken it.
When you're a band on the road you rely on the kindness of strangers to help you out with things. Sometimes it's food, or drugs, or even a place to stay. In this episode johnwayneisdead find themselves in Arkansas getting a heaping dose of piss-soaked hospitality.