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Do as the floating head says! Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths coming October 3rd! https://www.amazon.com/Death-Pacts-Left-Hand-Paths-Comunale-ebook/dp/B075M3D5YP
October 2017 Grindhouse Press proudly presents Death Pacts and Left Hand Paths by John Wayne Comunale Everyone is looking for shortcuts in life, but rarely do they find the kind they're looking for, and when they do it never turns out like they thought.
Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths
By John Wayne Comunale
Aunt Poster (New Bizarro Author Series)
By John Wayne Comunale
John Wayne Comunale's 2016 New Bizarro Author Series book from Eraserhead Press. A classic coming of age story where a young man is ushered into manhood by his Aunt who is also a poster. It's Aunt Poster. Video Nick J Poncio (Nick P)
Charge Land
By John Wayne Comunale

 Charge Land is the second novel by Bizarro author John Wayne Comunale, and is available from Rooster Republic Press. Jim Charge is in charge. He's coming through the door with a big dick and a smile, and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it!

Porn Star Retirement Plan
By John Wayne Comunale
Porn Star Retirement Plan by John Wayne Comunale is available from New Kink Books Gary is a lost soul meandering his way through life with no direction, no goals, and no purpose. That is, until he finds out his all-time favorite porn star is coming to town to shoot an epic bukkake.


Here's another spooky piece of flash fiction from johnwayne published over at Bizarrocentral.com for their Flash Fiction Friday series.  Prepare, for:

Now You're Trenchman

John Wayne Comunale: Punk rocker in John Wayne Is Dead and author of The Porn Star Retirement Plan!
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